“Life” By Ivette

Posted: August 11, 2011 in poetry
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life is a possibility, embrace it                          

life is wonderful, enjoy it                                  

life is a dream, enjoy it                                            

life is bewilderment, realize it                                 

life is a mission, fulfill it                                   

life is a game, play it                                            

life is a treasure, cherish it                                        

life is rich, savior it                                                  

 life is lovely, revere it                                              

life is a mystery, uncover it                                  

life is pain, endure it                                         

life is a song, sing it                                           

life is a tragedy, forbear it                                        

life is luck, benefit from it                                   

life is an adventure, go for it                                       

life is very precious, delight in it                             

life is a war, learn from it                                         

life is life, fight for it

By Ivette Maduro


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