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Had fun working on the concert, dancing, and the poetry.

Hope you like the show, we all worked hard.

By Danell


Want to thank Beacon for the enjoyable summer that we had. shout outs to the staff and the 8th grade and the SYEP that also made it an enjoyable summer. Another shout to Torey Nelson who prepared us for the show tonight. Another shout out to Jerry for the assistance in the computer class and techniques.

Thank you and have a great summer!!!! 🙂

By Sinayah and Keonna

My Harlem AIDS Blanket picture is to show what kind of women can may have aids

By Francisco

It was great experience because I made new friends. I was cool to all the people, they were nice to me and I went on trips.

Mr. Holly was a guy with lots of experience.

By Joel

St. Nicholas has allot of nature.

Like animals, grass , trees , bushes,

its own basketball court and

own playground.

Fredrick Douglass

Londel’s Beauty Salon

99cent stores

Pizza store

Deli, Rite check

Noble strategy (more…)